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At ACHW, we provide experienced legal representation for employees who have suffered from injustice in the workplace. As an employee, you are protected by federal and state employment laws. ACHW recognizes the careful handling of your case and the potential complexity of the situation. We have represented clients and advocated for the following settlements and verdicts:


ACHW obtained a $900,000 settlement for an employee who was denied promised profit sharing and terminated for complaining about the underpayment.


Client was discriminated against and harassed by his supervisors based on his race. Client had direct evidence of derogatory comments about him based on his race.


Clients were laid off without proper notice under California’s WARN Act. Defendant failed to provide at least 60 days’ notice to its employees before laying off 50 or more people


Claims for wrongful termination based on age, sex and race discrimination. Female client alleged she was terminated due to her sex and age. Male client alleged he was terminated due to his age and race. The case also involved contractcual and corporate claims against the employer.


Client was sexually harassed by the owner of the company, a small business, and ultimately was forced to quit to avoid the unwanted attention. The harassment took the form of comments and physical touching over the course of more than a year. The Defendant disputed liability and claimed that the incidents were consenual and exagerated by our client.


Client suffered adverse employment actions relating to race and age discrimination.


Claims for retaliation and wrongful termination. Employee was terminated after complaining about fraudulent billing practices.


Client, a public employee, was terminated after he complained about illegal activity to his employer. Client was also discriminated against and harassed because of his religious beliefs.


Client was misclassified as an exempt employee and worked hundreds of hours of overtime.


Claims for disability discrimination and unpaid overtime. Employee was denied necessary accommodations for his disability and was instead terminated.


After two years of protracted litigation, ACHW obtained a settlement of over $200,000.00 in overtime wages for an employee who was misclassified as an independent contractor and the firm also obtained a dismissal of a frivilous fraud claim that was asserted by the company against our client.


Client had previously settled legal claims against her employer and that settlement agreement expressly barred retaliation if the employer later acquired some entity that emplyoyed her. That precise scenario came to pass and the employer caused the client to be terminated before its merger with her current employer, in violation of California law and her previous settlement agreement.


Claims for gender discrimination and wrongful termination on behalf a female police officer. Officer faced higher scrutiny than male officers and was ultimately terminated despite an excellent record.


Claims for retaliation and wrongful termination brought against large construction company that terminated employees after they complained about safety issues.


Client was discriminated against and wrongfully termianted based on age and disability.


Client was sexually harassed and wrongfully terminated when wife of Corporate level executive learned of husband’s infidelity.

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